VT74 was commissioned at NAAS Otis Field, MS, on 1 May 1945. Forming part of Battle Carrier Air Group 74(CVBG74), scheduled for service aboard Midway(CVB41),the squadron had an authorised complement of 24 SB2C-4s, as compared with the 15 aircraft in an Essex-class VT unit. In August the complement was increased to 36.
Air Group training was carried out in the Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard areas, while short deployments to NAAF Ayer provided practice in air support work. The squadron's specialist torpedo training took place in June and July at NAAF Hyannis. At the end of October VT74 transferred to Norfolk and immediately began carrier qualifications aboard the newly commissioned Midway. Then followed the carrier's shakedown cruise which took place off Cuba and Puerto Rico from early November until mid-December. On returning to Norfolk the squadron converted to the SB2C-5.
While the rest of CVBG74 was aboard Midway in March 1946, engaged in Operation Frostbite, VT74 spent several weeks at NAAS Charlestown for additional torpedo training. The squadron rejoined the rest of the air group in time for the next Caribbean cruise which lasted from mid-April until late May and included joint exercises with Princeton and F.D.Roosevelt. For the rest of the year VT4 was based ashore at Oceana. On 15 November 1946 the squadron was redesignated VA2B.
Early in May 1947 VA2B embarked in Midway for another Caribbean cruise which lasted until late June. On return to Oceana the squadron converted to the new Douglas AD-1.

LtCdr. H.W. Bushto 5 October 1945
LtCdr. J.J. Hiltonto 16 December 1946
LtCdr. J.C. Micheelto 9 April 1947
Cdr. K.W. Caffeyfrom 9 April 1947


23 June 1945ARM3c K.E. Kubik (pilot, Lt(jg) G.A. Reed rescued)
8 March 1946Ens. C.G. Thornton
10 December 1946Ens. F.D. Richardson

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