Based at Malabang, Mindanao VMSB244 was flying war-weary SBDs in support of the US Army when, in May 1945, it began converting to the SB2C-4. Combat missions in the new aircraft were flown during June and July, and up until August 11th when offensive operations came to an end in anticipation of the Japanese surrender. In late August SB2C-5s replaced the -4s and the squadron prepared for a move to China. Escorted by a VMB612 PBJ navigation ship the flight echelon left Malabang on September 17th and headed north for Okinawa, where bad weather detained it past the end of the month. Unfortunately, a typhoon in early October caused minor damage to all the aircraft with the result that it was not until the 21st that they were able to reach their new base, Tsingtao on the Shantung peninsula.
Early operations in China involved the squadron in overseeing the Japanese surrender, and the return of Nationalist Chinese troops from the south of the country, after which it settled down to patrolling the lines of communication, particularly the railroads, connecting the coast and the Marine garrisons in the interior. After nearly seven months at Tsingtao the squadron's SB2Cs were transferred to Servron 32 on 17 May 1946 and the personnel prepared to return home. VMSB244 was decommissioned on 10 June 1946.

  Maj. V.H. Hudgins    to 5 September 1945
  Maj. R.O. Brown  to 30 October 1945
  Maj. J.E. Sperzel   to 24 November 1945
  Maj. T.R. Roberts   from 24 November 1945 to ?


14 June 19451Lt. F.D. Martin
17 September 19452Lt. L.R. Steidel/T.Sgt. J.F. Ahern
17 September 19452Lt. E. Parkin/S.Sgt. H.H. Erb

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