VB95 was commissioned at NAS Wildwood on 2 January 1945 and began training on the SB2C-4. In early March it moved to join the other air group squadrons at NAS Oceana. Between 24 May and 1 June the squadron personnel were again on the move, this time across country to Alameda from where they shipped out to Pearl Harbor aboard Wasp, arriving on June 19. From June 21 VB95 operated out of NAS Hilo, equipped with the SB2C-4 and -5. In late July and early August the air group made a short training cruise aboard Antietam and then continued at Hilo until early October. It then transferred to NAS Seattle where it was decommissioned on the 31st.

   Lt C.T. Schrader   2 to 5 January 1945
   Lt F.N. Kissire   5 to 18 January 1945
   Lt L.N. Wood   18 January to 14 February 1945
   LtCdr K.W. Caffey   from 14 February 1945



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