VB13 was training at NAS Wildwood on the SBD-5 when, in the first week of January 1944, it began receiving SB2C-1Cs. At mid-month the squadron was ordered to NAAS Oceana where it joined the rest of Air Group 13 for two months of group training and carrier qualifications. Then in late March the air group embarked on the new carrier Franklin for its shakedown cruise to the Caribbean. Upon returning to Norfolk in mid-April VB13 was re-equipped with the latest Helldiver model, the SB2C-3, and with these it went back aboard Franklin when she sailed for the Pacific in early May. During the journey westwards the air group had two weeks ashore at San Diego and one at Puunene, Maui before the carrier arrived at Eniwetok towards the end of June and joined Task Force 58.
VB13's first bombing mission was flown against Iwo Jima on 4 July 1944, this date also marking the combat debut of the SB2C-3. For the rest of that month strikes were flown in support of the Marianas operation, mostly against targets on Guam, but the Palaus were also hit on the 26th and 27th. Two more days attacking the Bonins in early August completed Franklin's first period with the Task Force.
When she sailed again in late August it was as part of Task Force 38 but, initially, the targets were the same. Two days against Iwo Jima, two more against Yap and seven against the Palaus formed the schedule for September. The next assignment for the Task Force was support of the invasion of Leyte, and as a preliminary to this VB13 participated in attacks against Okinawa and Formosa between October 10th and 13th. Attention then switched to Luzon, struck from the 15th to the 19th, and finally Leyte itself, on the 20th. The climax to VB13's combat tour came with its participation in the Battle for Leyte Gulf. Three strikes were flown against the Japanese Fleet in the Sibuyan Sea on October 24th and four the following day against the enemy carriers off Cape Engano. These marked the end of the squadron's period in combat as, following a kamikaze crash on Franklin on the 30th, the carrier was forced to return home for repairs. It arrived at Bremerton on 28 November.
VB13 reformed at Alameda on 1 January 1945, but after only two weeks the air group was ordered to NAAS Fallon. After two months there a further move took it to Livermore, where it remained until late July. Following a ferry trip aboard a CVE to Pearl Harbor most of August was spent at Barber's Point. On the 25th the air group returned for a second time to Puunene and stayed until early October. The final move was to nearby Kahului where VB13 was decommissioned on October 20th.

  LtCdr. R.L. Kibbe   to 8 August 1944 (to AGC)
  Lt. R.J. Weber   to 1 October 1944
  Lt.C.A. Skinner   to December 1944
  Ens. J.R. Fisher   1 to 17 January 1945
  LtCdr. C.A. Skinner   from 17 January 1945


4 July 1944Lt.(jg) M.J. Bonar/ARM3c A.D. Loenthal (C)---AA Iwo Jima
5 August 1944LtCdr. C.B. Holmstrom/ARM1c W. Brooks (C)---AA Chichi Jima
10 October 1944Lt.(jg) T.G. Norek/ARM3c H.J. Steele (C)---AA Okinawa
12 October 1944Lt. R.J. Weber/ARM3c J.L. Hatt (C)---AA Takao, Formosa
24 October 1944Lt.(jg) M.D. Barnett/ARM3c L. Pickens (C)---AA Panay
25 October 1944Lt.(jg) D.A. McPhie/ARM2c R.D. Chandler (C)---AA Cape Engano
25 October 1944Lt. J.H. Finrow/ARM1c H.E. Borja (C)---AA Cape Engano

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