SB2C In Memoriam

This page is intended as a tribute to all those brave pilots and crewmen who lost their lives flying the SB2C Helldiver. As Admiral William F. Halsey put it in his Victory Speech to Third Fleet on 15 August 1945, "Your names and your deeds will rest with and be an inspiration to all decent mankind through all ages".

The listing will take some time to complete and so all additions and corrections (to the e-mail address below) are welcome.
(C) after the date indicates a loss directly attributable to enemy action

Abernethy  Ens. J.VB8629 June 1944
Adams  ARM2c J.R.VB182 July 1944
Ahern  TSgt. J.F.VMSB24417 September 1945
Ainsworth   Ens. A.W.VB52 August 1945
Albini ARM2c E.R.VB194 August 1944(C)
Allard Ens. M.H.VB872 September 1945
Allen  ARM3c D.McI.VB52 August 1945
Anderson Ens. E.V.ATU VSB-11 October 1946
Anderson  ARM1c G.LVB1812 July 1944
Anderson  Ens. J.VB113 July 1944
Andrieux LV J.D.Flotille 3F(Aeronavale)31 March 1954(C)
Applefeld  ARM2c J.A.VB1716 February 1944(C)
Armbruster  Ens. G.N.VB227 July 1944
Armitage  Lt. J.M.NOTS Inyokern21 August 1944
Ashton  ARM1c H.W.VB820 June 1944
Atwell  ARM3c M.H.VB8529 April 1945(C)
Aubel  Lt.(jg) R.G.VB117 january 1945
Aunspaugh  ARM2c C.W.VB1716 February 1944(C)
Avery Ens. J.E.VB1511 November 1944 (C)
Avery Ens. W.J.VT7512 December 1945
Bacci Ens. P.VB839 August 1945 (C)
Baertschy  Lt.(jg) K.R.VB37 January 1945 (C)
Bagley  Lt. E.H.VB807 January 1945
Bailans  Lt.(jg) M.VB924 March 1945(C)
Bain  ARM2c J.A.VB201 September 1944(C)
Ballance  ARM2c W.D.VB8113 August 1946
Banker  Lt. D.F.VB195 November 1944(C)
Barnett Lt.(jg) M.D.VB1324 October 1944(C)
Barrows  Lt.(jg) D.A.VB619 March 1945(C)
Bartlebaugh  ARM1c K.E.VB820 June 1944(C)
Bartlett  Ens. P.F.VB813 October 1944
Bauer ARM3c J.H.VB75 February 1944
Beckwith  ARMAC J.E.VB316 September 1946
Bell  Lt. J.H.VB729 October 1944(C)
Bell Ens. J.J.VB911 May 1945
Benak ARM2c M.J.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Bendikson ARM2c M.E.VB9418 July 1945(C)
Bennett Ens. R.A.VB148 December 1943
Benshimol  Ens. R.S.VB819 June 1944(C)
Bergeron  ARM3c F.P.VB74 October 1944
Berry  LtCdr. D.R.VB8313 May 1945(C)
Bevis  Lt.(jg) E.A.VB713 October 1944(C)
Billings  ARM3c H.C.VB227 July 1944
Bishop  S1c P.C.VB311 August 1945
Blalock ACRM G.T.VS96 January 1943
Blazevic ARM1c M.M.VB195 August 1944(C)
Blier  ARM1c L.J.VB8119 November 1944
Bonar Lt.(jg) M.J.VB134 July 1944(C)
Bond Lt.(jg) F.W.NART Glenview15 May 1948
Bond  LtCdr. R.W.VT7520 November 1945
Borja  ARM1c H.E.VB1325 October 1944(C)
Bosworth  Lt.(jg) A.S.VB221 April 1944
Boutos ARM2c N.J.VB116 July 1944
Boyd  ARM3c B.E.VB8024 November 1944
Boyle  Ens. J.J.VB1824 October 1944(C)
Brady  Ens. C.E.VB144 July 1944
Brash  ARM3c D.F.VB1119 October 1944(C)
Brink  TSgt. R.H.VMFN53112 December 1945
Brissette ARM3c N.R.VB8728 July 1945(C---POW,killed)
Broehl  ARM2c L.H.VB1713 May 1945(C)
Brogan  ARM2c G.W.VB818 July 1945
Brooks  Ens. K.J.ADU Pt. Columbus12 January 1943
Brooks  ARM1c W.VB135 August 1944(C)
Browder ARM3c E.M.VB829 April 1944(C)
Browne  Lt.(jg) R.L.VB8113 August 1946
Buchhop  ARM2c A.T.VB1420 June 1944
Buganich  CNAP P.CASU 1311 August 1944
Burbeck  ARM2c B.VB2010 September 1944(C)
Burns  ARM2c J.J.VB195 November 1944(C)
Burrow  ARM2c E.S.VB1719 March 1945(C)
Burton Ens. S.F. BurtonATU VSB-130 October 1946
Buschow  ARM2c R.S.VB1711 November 1943(C)
Carey  ARM1c W.P.VB1112 July 1944
Carr  ARM2c W.E.VB812 October 1944(C)
Carson  Ens. E.W.VB37 November 1946
Carter  Ens. M.E.VB8126 November 1945
Cavanaugh  Ens. J.A.VB195 August 1944(C)
Chandler ARM2c R.D.VB1325 October 1944(C)
Charles  ARM2c T.F.VB218 July 1944
Chin Bing  Lt.(jg) D.B.VB77 May 1944
Christ Ens. R.E.VB118 July 1945(C)
Cieply  ARM2c N.J.VB34 September 1944
Claus  Ens. R.C.VB177 July 1944
Clement  Ens. T.VB1515 June 1944(C)
Cline ARM3c J.D.VT7517 September 1946
Cobb  ARM3c J.W.VB519 February 1945
Cobbe ARM2c G.B.VB1523 February 1944
Coburn  Ens. P.O.VB8313 May 1945(C)
Cole  ARM3c D.L.VB618 March 1945
Cole  Ens. E.A.VB8221 September 1944
Collins  ARM2c T.V.VB185 April 1944
Collins  ARM2c W.E.VB9428 July 1945(C)
Colon  ACRM L.E.VB9229 May 1945
Conner ARM2c J.S.VB1420 June 1944
Connett Ens. H.VB1420 June 1944 (C)
Conrad Ens. W.A.VB742 March 1946
Conway Ens. W.J.VB1413 January 1944
Cooper ARM2c D.R.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Costigan Lt. J.G.VB9428 July 1945 (C)
Cox  ARM2c R.R.VB1126 June 1944
Craig Ens. R.B.VB39 July 1946
Crellin Lt.(jg) C.W.VB1524 October 1944(C)
Crevoisier ARM2c F.P.VB1824 September 1944
Crook Lt.(jg)H.J.VB39 July 1946
Cropper  ARM1c J.D.VB1813 October 1944 (C)
Crout  ARM2c J.V.VB220 June 1944 (C)
Cubetz  ARM2c A.E.VB219 June 1944 (C)
Culver Ens. W.S.VB1123 May 1944
Curtice  ARM3c G.P.VB413 November 1944(C)
Cutler  ARM3c P.M.VB731 August 1945
Czerwiec  ARM3c A.C.VB1521 February 1944
Dalton  ARM3c B.W.VB14 July 1944(C)
Damaskos  Lt.(jg) G.VB15 February 1945
Darling  ARM3c C.D.VB1628 July 1945(C)
Davies  ARM3c R.S.VB8010 February 1944
Davis Ens. C.H.VB1718 July 1944
Davis LtCdr. F.M.L.VT7510 September 1946
Davis Lt.(jg) G.C.VB145 November 1944 (C)
Dawson  SLt. A.J.1820 sqdn(RN)6 June 1944
Deinhart  Lt. J.H.NART Willow Grove19 January 1947
Delmore  Ens. J.T.VB1 19 June 1944(C)
Deputy  Lt.(jg) R.L.VB4 25 November 1944
Desjardins  2Lt. K.C.MAG4118 September 1944
D'Evers Lt. A.H.VB8010 February 1944
Devine  Ens. J.W.VB1719 July 1943
Dickinson  Lt.(jg) R.F.VB8016 January 1945(C)
Diem Lt.(jg) O.W.VB117 July 1944(C)
Dills  ARM2c A.C.VB88 June 1944
Ditto Lt.(jg) H.B.VB8429 March 1945
Dixon Ens. J.H.VB1519 May 1944(C)
Doane Lt.(jg) J.H.VB1426 October 1944
Dobrowski  Sgt. J.W.MAG4118 September 1944
Dombrowski  ARM3c T.J.VB8727 November 1944
Dorosh ARM2c S.VB1514 November 1944(C)
Douglas LtCdr. W.L.VB8119 November 1944
Downey ARM2c J.D.VB1513 September 1944(C)
Doyle Lt.(jg) D.A.VB76 January 1944
Dragoo  Ens. J.W.VB618 March 1945
Driscoll  ARM3c W.M.VB839 August 1945(C)
Drysdale  Ens. J.VB14 July 1944(C)
Dubois  ARM3c E.H.VB1614 July 1945
Duchesne  ARM2c R.L.VB1810 October 1944
Duncan  ARM3c J.T.VB710 October 1944(C)
Dykes  ARM1c R.E.VB2016 January 1945(C)
Eagleston Lt.(jg) H.E.VB8514 July 1945
Eardley  ACRM J.M.VB8313 May 1945 (C)
Edmondson  ARM3c M.VB37 January 1945 (C)
Edwards  ARM2c W.J.VB2022 April 1946
Eisengrein  Lt. E.H.VB1813 October 1944(C)
Elmore  Lt.(jg) R.W.VB8529 April 1945(C)
English ARM2c C.F.VB1824 October 1944(C)
Erb  SSgt. H.H.VMSB24417 September 1945
Eslick  Cdr. M.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Evanoff  Lt.(jg) P.L.VB813 October 1944(C)
Evans ARM2c C.E.VB2017 January 1945
Evatt  Lt.(jg) J.W.VB195 November 1944(C)
Ewart ARM3c W.C.VB1824 October 1944(C)
Fenton ARM1c L.L.VB8828 July 1945(C)
Ferguson Ens. S.M.VB201 September 1944(C)
Finger  Lt.(jg) W.E.VB221 April 1944
Finrow Lt. J.H.VB1325 October 1944(C)
Fisher  Ens. C.D.VB8016 June 1944
Flanagan  ARM3c L.F.VB119 June 1944(C)
Flatt  ARM2c P.E.VB221 April 1944
Fletcher Ens. E.H.VB1522 January 1944
Follweiler  ARM3c D.R.VB425 November 1944(C)
Foote Lt.(jg) J.S.VB1511 November 1944 (C)
Foster  ARM2c L.C.VB221 April 1944
Frappier  ARM3c B.H.VB725 October 1944
Free  Ens. F.W.VA7A19 December 1946
Freed Lt. G.H.VB171 January 1944(C)
Freeman  AMM1c E.W.VB230 March 1944(C)
Fritts  Lt.(jg) J.F.VB212 June 1944
Fuller  Ens. J.C.VB827 April 1945 (C)
Fulton  Ens. R.W.VT756 August 1945
Fussell  ARM3c E.M.VB182 July 1944
Gaby  Ens. J.VB1824 May 1945
Gardner  Lt. R.E.VB618 March 1945
Garner  ARM3c S.G.VB57 September 1944
Garrett  ARM2c W.R.VB1819 February 1946
Gates  Ens. J.T.VB1410 October 1944 (C)
Gerber  ARM3c E.J.VB8218 February 1945(C)
Gevelinger  Ens. P.A.VB1920 July 1944
Gibson  Lt. E.F.VB8528 July 1945(C)
Gibson  LtCdr. G.D.VB2010 September 1944(C)
Gilbert ARM3c A.N.VB1726 March 1943
Gladden  Ens. O.E.VD27 October 1944
Glass  Lt.(jg) G.L.VB1716 February 1944(C)
Glisencamp  ARM3c L.VB729 October 1944(C)
Glover  B.Curtiss-civilian25 January 1943
Glynn Ens. J.F.VB1230 September 1944
Golden Lt. P.E.VB1513 September 1944(C)
Gordon  ARM2c F.R.VB619 March 1945(C)
Graebner Ens. W.H.VB1111 February 1944
Grafton  ARM3c T.N.VB8721 February 1945
Graham ARM3c A.T.VB1511 November 1944 (C)
Graham ARM1c S.E.VB1829 October 1944 (C)
Gray  Ens. R.C.VRF224 July 1944
Gregg Ens. C.D.VRF27 December 1946
Gretter ARM2c L.W.VB1523 January 1944
Griffith  ARM2c J.E.VB8013 November 1944(C)
Grout  ARM2c K.W.VB8724 July 1945(C)
Grubin Lt.(jg) S.VB1421 September 1944 (C)
Gruenewald  Lt.(jg) J.W.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Gudjohnsen  Ens. W.O.VB811 July 1945
Gunville Lt.(jg) R.L.VB1711 November 1943
Gustason  ARM2c J.Q.VB811 July 1945
Haff  Lt.(jg) H.J.VB1420 June 1944
Hall  ARM3c J.P.VB1123 May 1944
Hallen  Lt. C.VB201 July 1944
Hamm  LtCdr. A.B.VB128 July 1945(C)
Hanmer  ARM2c W.VB819 June 1944(C)
Hansen  ARM3c R.E.VB195 November 1944(C)
Hardin Lt.(jg) G.W.VB230 March 1944(C)
Harvey  ARM3c R.J.VB177 July 1944
Hatt  ARM3c J.L.VB1312 October 1944(C)
Hawkins  Ens. J.I.VB413 November 1944(C)
Haynes ARM1c F.L.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Heighton ARM3c C.V.VB829 April 1944(C)
Henderson  ARM2c C.O.VB221 April 1944(C)
Henry  ARM3c G.DVB1512 June1944(C)
Hethcox  Ens. H.E.VA17A31 December 1946
Hicks  ARM1c E.VB8524 July 1945(C)
Hicks  Ens. F.D.VB2027 February 1946
Hills  ARM2c E.L.VB230 March 1944(C)
Hintz  Ens. O.M.VB14 July 1944(C)
Hoge Ens. J.S.VB8721 February 1945
Hogue ARM2c S.VB1519 May 1944(C)
Holcomb  CQM W.M.VB54 May 1943
Hollinhead ARM3c C.B.VB1028 March 1945
Holmstrom  LtCdr. C.B.VB135 August 1944(C)
Holt  ACMM C.M.VB418 October 1944
Hopkins  ARM3c R.B.VB8220 April 1945
Hornbeak  Ens. L.S.VB2018 October 1944(C)
Horne  Lt.(jg) R.D.VB821 September 1944(C)
Horton  MSgt. R.B.MAG4127 August 1944
Hornett  Lt. M.A.OTU VFN-15 September 1944
Houston Lt.(jg) J.B.VB230 March 1944(C)
Hubbard  Lt. O.W.VB1011 September 1945
Huddleston  T.Sgt. T.L.VMSB15129 April 1945
Hughes Lt.(jg) D.F.VB2016 January 1945(C)
Hulsebosch  Ens. H.P.VRF210 October 1944
Hunicke  Ens. D.C.VB1421 July 1944
Hurst  ARM1c L.B.VB1011 September 1945
Iorio  ARM2c N.A.VB1425 October 1944 (C)
Irby  Ens. T.R.VB316 September 1946
Irving ARM2c R.H.VB1725 October 1943
Issler  Ens. R.F.VB51 November 1945
Jackson  ARM2c K.L.VB1515 June 1944 (C)
Jakubec  ARM2c L.F.VB629 March 1945
Jaye  MSgt. C.VMFN53112 December 1945
Jenkins  ARM3c A.M.VB8627 June 1945
Jenkins  ARM2c J.F.VB813 October 1944(C)
Jenkinson  Lt. R.L.VB315 January 1945 (C)
Jensen  ARM1c D.E.VB618 March 1945
Jensen Lt.(jg) R.C.VT756 August 1945
Jenson  Lt.(jg) T.E.VB8628 July 1945(C)
Johnson  Ens. C.A.VB1729 January 1944
Johnson  Ens. C.W.VB817 September 1946
Johnson  Ens. K.R.VA5A5 April 1947
Johnson  Lt.(jg) R.VB863 July 1945
Jones  Lt. A.D. JonesVB89 September 1944(C)
Justice  Ens. R.B.VA7A29 January 1947
Kahnke ARM3c L.E.VB519 June 1945
Katsaros  ARM2c N.VB802 October 1944
Keeling Ens. W.M.ATU VSB-115 November 1946
Kelly  Lt.(jg) T.H.VB811 July 1945
Kennedy  Ens. J.F.VB1710 January 1946
Kern  Ens. R.A.VB519 June 1945
Kessler  Ens. J.E.VB57 September 1944
Kinder  Ens. B.N.VB425 November 1944(C)
King  Lt.(jg) A.G.VB413 November 1944(C)
Klamm  ARM2c P.B.VB2029 July 1945
Kluczinski  Ens. J.E.VB8016 December 1944
Knutsen Ens. W.K.CQTU26 November 1946
Kolonik Ens. W.VB1215 October 1944
Koonse  Ens. O.E.VA11A28 May 1947
Koster  Lt.(jg) H.A.VB2015 January 1945(C)
Kubik  ARM3c K.E.VT7423 June 1945
Lambeth  ARM3c G.E.VB725 October 1944(C)
Langiotti  ARM1c J.R.VB812 October 1944(C---POW, executed)
Lanford  ARM3c H.B.VB1718 July 1944
Lanoue  Ens. G.A.VB531 March 1943
Larson  Ens. R.W.VA1A28 January 1947
Lavender  Lt.(jg) J.H.VB316 January 1945 (C)
Lawrence  Lt.(jg) K.E.VB219 June 1944 (C)
Laws  Lt.(jg) W.H.VB1719 March 1945 (C)
Lay  Lt.(jg) W.J.VB8319 March 1945 (C)
Lester  ARM3c W.K.VB51 November 1945
Lewis  Lt.(jg) R.VB202 May 1944
Linsz  ARM2c C.H.VB8528 July 1945(C)
Livesey Ens. M.G.VB1511 November 1944 (C)
Loenthal  ARM3c A.D.VB134 July 1944(C)
Lohm  Lt. J.H.VB9229 May 1945
Long  Lt.(jg) J.S.VB726 February 1946
Lorentzen  ARM1c A.W.VB8319 March 1945 (C)
Lowe  ARM2c W.J.VB1521 June 1944 (C)
Lowry  Ens. R.C.VRF213 April 1944
Luce  2Lt. J.W.OTU VFN-16 October 1944
Ludwig  2Lt.D.R.VMSB4748 June 1945
Lundblade  Lt. A.W.VB8218 February 1945 (C)
McAllister  Lt.(jg) F.A.VB182 July 1944
McBride  Lt.(jg) H.A.VB8220 April 1945
McCall Ens. J.O.VB118 July 1944(C)
McCallen  Lt. J.L.VB710 October 1944(C)
McCreary  ARM1c F.E.VB1812 October 1944(C)
McDonald  ARM2c R.VB21 April 1944
McGee  Ens. L.R.VB75 August 1944
McGovern  ARM2c B.P.VB863 July 1945
McGowan  Cdr. R.S.VB1924 October 1944
McHugh  ARM3c J.T.VB807 January 1945
Macina  ARM3c F.VB1230 September 1944
McIntire  Lt.(jg) J.O.VB820 June 1944(C)
McKalson  LtCdr. B.M.VB8110 September 1946
McKinney  Ens. R.R.VT1730 January 1946
McKown ARM2c D.M.VB8419 March 1945(C)
McLeod  ARM3c J.C.VB823 June 1944
McNeill Lt. W.C.VB1824 October 1944(C)
McPhie  Lt.(jg) D.A.VB1325 October 1944(C)
McQuillen  ARM3c D.G.VB172 March 1943
McReynolds ARM3c W.D.VB8619 March 1945(C)
Madden Lt. W.J.D.VB1824 September 1944
Mager Ens. J.B.VA7A24 April 1947
Majors  Ens. R.F.VB194 August 1944(C)
Mallette Lt.(jg) E.C.VB1513 October 1944(C)
Malloy  Ens. D.F.VB15121 May 1945
Manchester  Ens. J.S.VB8013 November 1944(C)
Martin  1Lt. F.D.VMSB24414 June 1945
Martin  Ens. J.C.VB311 August 1945
Mason  Lt. C.P.VB511 September 1944
Mason  ARM3c R.D.VB8016 January 1945(C)
Massham Ens. C.R.VB54 May 1943
Matheny  ARM3c A.M.VB836 April 1945(C)
Matteson  Lt. A.L. MattesonVB8724 July 1945
Mattison  Ens. E.L.VB328 August 1946
Melinsky  ARM3c R.J.VB8313 May 1945(C)
Melleney  ARM3c G.T.VB8629 June 1944
Mercier  ARM3c L.H.VB1521 March 1945
Messier  ARM1c D.A.VB811 July 1945
Metzenbauer ARM2c F.G.VB118 July 1944(C)
Middleton  Ens. W.F.VRF24 April 1944
Mills  ARM3c B.E.VB24 July 1944 (C)
Milnor  ARM3c C.E.VB1614 July 1945 (C)
Mitchell Lt(jg). P.L.VB8828 July 1945(C)
Moncrief  ARM3c E.VB809 April 1944
Monte  ARMAC M.A.VB8110 September 1946
Moody S1c J.S.ATU VSB-110 August 1946
Moore ARM1c J.A.VB511 September 1944
Morr ARM2c B.L.VB2016 January 1945(C)
Morrill  AMMI L.L.VA15A10 June 1947
Morris  ARM3c S.C.VB863 July 1945
Mugrauer  ARM2c H.VB725 October 1944(C)
Mullen Lt.(jg) P.N.VB116 July 1944
Murchison  Ens. J.D.VA17A31 December 1946
Murphy  Ens. T.D.VB413 September 1945
Murray  ARM1c L.G.VB1520 July 1944
Namoski Lt. E.C.VB1829 October 1944(C)
Nash  SSgt. T.MAG4118 September 1944
Naughton  ARM3c G.A.VB1726 March 1943
Navas Lt. F.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Navicki Ens. R.VB809 April 1944
Neudeck  Lt.(jg) J.T.VB8113 August 1946
Neville  SLt. A.E.1820 sqdn(RN)6 October 1944
Newell ARM3c R.L.VB1008 August 1944
Newman  Lt.(jg) P.VB812 October 1944(C)
Nichols Ens. J.VRF216 February 1944
Nickels  Ens. J.C.VB8213 May 1946
Nielsen  Ens. R.W.VB8727 November 1944
Nitchman  ARM3c L.O.VB1920 July 1944
Noall  ARM3c R.W.VB872 September 1945
Nolte Ens. W.F.VB1521 June 1944(C)
Norek Lt.(jg) T.G.VB1310 October 1944(C)
Noyes Lt. R.F.VB1513 November 1944(C)
Nutgrass ARM2c E.E.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Offendahl Ens. R.N.VB1521 March 1945
Ohlemeyer  Ens. W.C.VB8714 November 1944
Oldman Lt. E.E.NAF Columbus13 August 1943
Oliver  ARM1c W.L.VB89 September 1944(C)
Olson  Lt.(jg) R.D.VB2021 January 1945(C)
Ontiveros ARM2c J.B.VT7510 September 1946
Ooghe Ens. T.W.VB1112 July 1944
Osborne  ARM1c J.V.VB206 September 1944
Oswalt  Ens. W.M.VA21A21 November 1946
Parkin 2Lt. E.VMSB24417 September 1945
Patterson  Lt.(jg) J.W.VB1126 June 1944
Pavlik Ens. W.A.ATU VSB-110 August 1946
Peabody Ens. J.E.VB1523 February 1944
Pencek  ARM3c R.V.VB75 August 1944
Pennington Ens. M.E.VB9418 July 1945(C)
Peternell  ARM2c E.VB1719 March 1945(C)
Peterson Ens. AVB1523 January 1944
Pethick Ens. R.P.VB1420 June 1944
Phillips  S.Sgt. H.B.VMSB4748 June 1945
Pickens ARM3c L.VB1324 October 1944(C)
Pikkarainen ARM3c T.O.VB831 March 1944(C)
Pipkin Ens. L.G.VB319 February 1944
Pointer  ARM2c C.M.VB178 December 1943(C)
Polk  ARM2c C.E.VB819 June 1944
Pollok  ARM3c J.T.VB118 July 1945(C)
Ponzar  ARM2c A.G.VB221 April 1944
Porter Lt.(jg) R.VB8728 July 1945 (C---POW,killed)
Porupsky  Lt.(jg)E.G.VB169 August 1945(C)
Powell  ACRM A.C.VB924 March 1945(C)
Powell  Lt.(jg)S.W.VB1026 March 1945(C)
Pritchard  Ens. T.B.VB843 July 1944
Pryor  ARM2c F.E.VB14 July 1944(C)
Ransom  Ens. W.H.VB819 June 1944
Rasmussen  AMM3c G.H.Patuxent River28 April 1944
Raymond  ARM3c R.J.VB169 August 1945(C)
Redman ARM2c W.E.VB220 June 1944
Reid  Ens. R.R.VB8213 May 1946
Renucci  Asp. R.H. (Aeronavale)ATU VSB-121 November 1945
Reynolds  Lt.(jg) V.E.VB823 June 1944
Rice 1Lt. JMAG4118 September 1944
Richards  Ens. C.M.VB1819 February 1946
Richards  ARM3c R.W.VB124 July 1945(C)
Richardson Ens. F.D.VA2B10 December 1946
Riddle  Cpl. H.L.VMSB4543 March 1944
Rierson  ARM2c T.O.VB1410 October 1944 (C)
Riffe  Lt.(jg) H.W.VB418 October 1944
Rinella ACRM A.J.VA4B18 February 1947
Rippier  ARM3c H.H.VT7520 November 1945
Rivers  ARM2c W.M.VB1115 January 1945(C)
Roberson  ARM3c C.C.VB8319 March 1945(C)
Roberts  Lt. S.W.VB119 June 1944(C)
Robertson  Lt.(jg) C.A.VB725 October 1944(C)
Robertson  ARM2c M.C.VB614 July 1944
Robitaille  ARM2c R.E.VB1420 June 1944
Rohleder  Lt.(jg) A.H.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Rolka  Ens. C.VB185 April 1944
Rosenau  Ens. E.H.VB75 February 1944
Ross  Ens. O.W.VA17A5 June 1947
Rumrill  ACRM G.F.VB128 July 1945(C)
Runyon  ACRM R.C.VB1420 June 1944
Sailor Lt.(jg) W.J.VB1119 October 1944(C)
Sampsell  Lt.(jg) B.E.VB725 October 1944(C)
Sawyer  Lt.(jg) A.A.VA5A23 June 1948
Sayre  ARM2c R.L.VB8628 July 1945(C)
Schacht  ARM2c H.L.VB819 June 1944(C)
Schevon  ARM1c T.VB107 March 1945
Schmidt ARM2c N.W.VB1511 November 1944 (C)
Schultz Ens. F.E.VB129 February 1944
Schwetz ARM2c G.VB1426 October 1944
Scopelitis  Ens. AVB88 June 1944
Scrafford  ARM1c J.P.VB315 January 1945 (C)
Sharkey CPhoM R.C.VB171 January 1944(C)
Sharp  Lt.(jg)H.S.VB812 October 1944(C---POW, executed)
Shaw  Lt. R.C.Patuxent River28 April 1944
Shearer  ART2c C.S.OTU VFN-16 October 1944
Sheehan  ARM1c P.H.VB1513 November 1944(C)
Sherwood  Lt.(jg)K.E.VB221 April 1944(C)
Shetler  ARM3c C.E.VB1524 October 1944(C)
Shirley  Lt.(jg) J.G.VB8614 July 1945
Siebert  Lt. N.R.VB1520 July 1944
Sills  Ens. D.R.VB21 April 1944
Silvain  ARM3c D.C.VB612 January 1945
Silverman  ARM3c B.VB1420 June 1944 (C)
Sipes  Ens. J.S.VB175 February 1945
Skinner  Ens. J.B.VB331 August 1944
Skoos  Mid. J.W.VA1A26 February 1948
Slocum  ARM2c J.VB201 July 1944
Smart  ARM3c R.A.VB413 November 1944(C)
Smith  Lt.(jg) C.D.VB820 June 1944(C)
Smith  Lt.(jg) E.A.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Smith  ARM3c J.R.VT7520 November 1945
Smith  ARM2c T.A.VB1812 October 1944(C)
Smith  ARM3c T.E.VB875 September 1944
Smith  Ens. W.G.VB8124 October 1945
Snead  Lt.(jg) C.S.VB716 January 1945(C)
Snow  ARM2c J.R.VB195 August 1944 (C)
Snyder  ARM2c R.J.VB145 November 1944(C)
Spanagel  Lt.(jg) D.D.J.VB2017 January 1945
Spaur  Ens. W.O.VB8627 June 1945
Spence  ARM2c E.L.VB1421 September 1944 (C)
Spence  ARM3c F.B.VB129 June 1945
Stanley  Ens. T.F.A.VB1420 June 1944
Stearns  Ens. H.J.VB802 October 1944
Stecker  Lt.(jg) W.W.VB1730 June 1944
Steele  ARM3c H.J.VB1310 October 1944(C)
Steidel  2Lt. L.R.VMSB24417 September 1945
Steiner  ARM2c R.J.VB175 February 1945
Sterling  Lt.(jg) R.E.VB820 June 1944
Stephenson  Ens. C.A.VB2022 April 1946
Stevens ARM2c J.D.VB117 July 1944(C)
Stinson  ARM2c L.B.VB821 September 1944(C)
Stone  LtCdr. M.M.VB8124 October 1945
Strong  Ens. H.M.VB818 July 1945
Studstill  ARM2c C.W.VB8020 February 1946
Sutton Lt. M.B.VT7517 September 1946
Swain  ARM2c J.E.VB113 July 1944
Swihart ARM2c C.E.VB1511 November 1944 (C)
Swinney ARM2c F.S.VB2018 October 1944 (C)
Symonds  Lt. A.G.VB8524 July 1945(C)
Tallman  ARM3c D.O.VB1719 July 1943
Tauby  ARMAC2 A.F.VB8113 August 1946
Tayler  Ens. A.McN.VB1726 March 1943
Taylor  ARM1c H.N.VB8614 July 1945
Temple  Ens. W.H.VA1A28 February 1947
Templeton  ARM2c W.R.VB2015 January 1945(C)
Thomas  Ens. A.L.VB836 April 1945(C)
Thomas  Ens. J.VB874 September 1944
Thomson  Ens. C.W.VB1711 November 1943(C)
Thornton  Ens. C.G.VT748 March 1946
Touw  Lt.(jg) P.I.VB819 June 1944(C)
Troyan  Ens. W.VB124 July 1945(C)
Truax Lt.(jg) W.E.VB614 July 1944
Trumpfheller Ens. T.R.VB8213 March 1944
Tsarnas Lt.(jg) J.E.VB2016 January 1945(C)
Turner Lt.(jg) R.L.VB1514 November 1944 (C)
Turpin  Lt.(jg) R.C.VB8429 March 1945
Ulin  ARM3c A.A.VB219 June 1944 (C)
Vanderwall  Ens. C.J.VB1512 June 1944 (C)
Varmette  ARM2c R.M.VB820 June 1944(C)
Vaughan  ARM3c L.D.VB1826 October 1944
Vaughn  Lt.(jg) E.L.VB8724 July 1945(C)
Veeneman 2Lt. J.R.VMSB45410 April 1944
Vickers  ARM3c R.A.VB843 July 1944
Wadosky  ARM2c A.A.VB802 October 1944
Wagner  2Lt. R.P.VMSB4543 March 1944
Walker  Ens. H.R.VB528 July 1944
Walker  Lt. J.D.VB1713 May 1945(C)
Ward  ARM1c E.W.VB97 April 1945(C)
Warmoth  ARM1c W.O.VB119 June 1944(C)
Warren  Lt.(jg) T.J.VB111 June 1944
Waters  ARM2c C.E.VB2021 January 1945(C)
Watkins  Ens. A.E.VB182 July 1944
Watkins  Ens. L.M.VB2029 July 1945
Watson  Ens. W.R.VB97 June 1945
Waymack  ARM2c W.L.VB2010 September 1944(C)
Weber  Lt. R.J.VB1312 October 1944(C)
Weippert Lt.(jg) W.VB802 October 1944
Welker Lt. H.J.VB1425 October 1944 (C)
Wells  Lt.(jg) J.H.VB220 June 1944 (C)
Wells  AM(E)1 S.C.1820 sqdn(RN)6 June 1944
Werntz  Ens. R.C.VB147 April 1944
Wetterlund  Ens. C.J.VB875 September 1944
Whitaker Ens. L.A.VB1614 July 1945
Whitby ARM2c S.N.VB1513 October 1944(C)
White Lt.(jg)H.VB1715 August 1943
White  ARM3c S.C.VB813 October 1944
Wightman Lt.(jg) J.W.VB8016 February 1944
Wikstrand  Ens. R.K.VB614 July 1945
Wilcox  ARM2c M.VB8419 March 1945(C)
Wilcox  Lt. R.S.VB2015 December 1944(C)
Williams  ARM2c C.B.VB1412 September 1944
Williams  ARM3c C.T.VB827 April 1945 (C)
Williams  Lt. C.T.VB1628 July 1945(C)
Williams  Ens. E.D.VB178 December 1943(C)
Williams  ARM2c J.J.VB8429 March 1945
Willis Lt.(jg) D.L.VB8319 March 1945(C)
Willis Lt.(jg) P.M.A&R San Diego28 October 1946
Wilson  Ens. W.W.VB731 August 1945
Wirges  ARM3c C.L.VB1824 May 1945
Woellhof  ARM2c L.R.VB14 July 1944(C---POW, executed)
Workman  Lt. W.C.VB1412 September 1944
Worley  Lt. H.W.VB97 April 1945(C)
Wright  ARM2c C.L.VB127 July 1944(C)
Wright ARM3c H.V.VB319 February 1944
Wright  Ens. R. S.VB811 January 1944
Wright  Lt. W.K.VB14 July 1944(C)
Yerxa  Lt. D.J.VB1719 March 1945(C)
Yoho  LtCdr. J.R.VS96 January 1943
Young  ARM2c M.R.VB117 January 1945
Young Ens. W.O.VB7413 August 1945
Zeller  Ens. R.F.VB612 January 1945

USN&MC Squadrons